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We realize you and your congregation enjoy the beauty of your stained glass windows without noticing problems that may develop over the years.

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We have been restoring and refurbishing stained glass windows for Christian communities throughout the Midwest for a period of over thirty-five years without a compromise in workmanship or integrity.

We offer a complete facility,  from designing and fabrication of new art glass to complete restoration, your present window’s millwork and protective storm glass coverings.

There are several different options for the protection of the windows after all the necessary repairs have been completed, such as plate glass, (non-yellowing) laminated safety glass or unbreakable General Electric Lexan.  Protective coverings are set in one of a kind heavy duty anodized aluminum T-bar framework designed by Don Vanderhoff.  It is designed and fabricated to enhance the original beauty and conform with the style of the windows. Visit our Glass Facts page.

So, we offer our knowledge and experience to help you with any problems the years have rendered.

Our personal pride is evident in each window that we restore. The craftsmanship of VanDerHoff Studios is like that “from the past” simply because we care about preserving those cherished icons which now adorn our world.

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