Project Information

Pictures of the removal of the first Window to undergo restoration by VanDerHoff Studios.

“As the crew helped Don remove the window each class from the school came in to see part of the removal and the slide show found on our website about the releading process. I set up a projector and screen to walk the kids and their questions through the releading process. They each also had the chance to hold, bend and look at a lead came. After the window arrived at our studio we immediately did a rubbing of it and I took it back to the school and delivered it to the art teacher. The students are going to color it to match the glass and Don and I will hang it on the foam insulation that covers the window when they are finished. This is the first time that we have done a project like this with the school kids and are just as excited as they are!” Barbara Vanderhoff

The other pictures in our gallery are during and after.

Client: SS Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Independence, WI

Category: Stained Glass Window Restoration

Date: 2012

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