Project Information

Father Allen Mott commissioned his stained glass vision to be brought to life by VanDerHoff Studios. The process started with Father Al and Barbara Vanderhoff coming up with sketches and design ideas until they had a final draft.

The final draft was printed with lead lines and Father Al and Barbara started to pick colors and glass to be used. When the color and glass selection was complete all the glass was ordered and the window was made.

While the drawing and selection processes were being completed VanDerHoff Studios made the mahogany frame to fit the design.

When the VanDerHoff Studios crew arrived the week of installation they helped Father Al remove the old fixture that was hanging above the altar. The next morning Don and Father Al met with the masons to get the cuts started to make the hole in the wall for the window.

The bricks to be removed had to be retained as they would be needed to complete the finished edge of the new hole cut into the wall. It was a group effort as Father Al and part of the crew chipped away all of the excess mortar from the bricks being removed so that they could be reused.

With the hole cut and the edge restored it was time for the new frame to be put in place, followed by the stained glass and protective storm covering.

Finally the finishing touches: The crucifix had to be hung and secured. The shelf holding the statues had to be finished, sanded, stained to match the existing woodwork and also hung and secured.

The VanDerHoff Crew and Father Al ate a lot of the world’s best Pasties and sweets from Suomi Restaurant downtown Houghton.

On a final note; “Good luck to Father Al at his new church” He is currently in transition to a new church mid November 2013

Client: St Albert The Great Catholic University Parish, Houghton, MI

Category: Stained Glass Window

Date: 2013