Our personal pride is evident in each window that we restore. The craftsmanship of VanDerHoff Studios is like that “from the past” simply because we care about preserving those cherished icons which now adorn our world.

As stained glass ages so does the lead that holds the glass panes together.  With quality workmanship this process happens over many years.  But the factors of our environment like the sun, wind, and extreme weather and more can make this happen sooner than expected.  To protect your valuable investment there are signs to look for.

  1. Buldging
  2. Cracks
  3. Oxidized Lead
  4. Deteriorated Cement
  5. Sill Rot / Panel Slipage

Deterioration of the window framing can be another cause of your stained glass issues.  Wood can swell or rot causing a wide array of damage to the interior of the church and the stained glass panels.  We give you an estimate on the cost of repairs or replacement of these areas.

Download the VanDerHoff Releading Process PDF for more information and terms about this service.

Click to Download the Vanderhoff Studio Releading Process PDF

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